Beauties and the Beat, the premier treble a cappella group at the University of Texas at Austin, is proud to have been singing (and having a wonderful time doing it) since its founding in 2013. Since then, they have grown drastically, performing often on their university campus, in the Austin area, and in festivals and competitions across the US like ICCA, Sing!, SXSW, and VoiceJam. Originally an all female group, Beauties and the Beat have grown to become a trans and nonbinary inclusive treble group. Beauties and the Beat strives to support women and LGBTQIA+ empowerment at UT, as well as in the a cappella community by reflecting the strength and power through their music and performance. Their own members arrange their entire repertoire, and Beauties prides themselves on their self-choreographed and self-arranged competition sets. Most of their music consists of contemporary pop, but they also like to mix it up with other genres like R&B and folk music. As students first, Beauties and the Beat builds their musical cohesiveness off of a tight-knit group that values mental health and self-care. Beauties see their music as an important form of expression and creativity, and they value the emotional connection a cappella can bring to the performers and the audience.