Unfortunately, we will not be having auditions for the Spring 2023 semester. Good luck with classes and see you next Fall!


Can I audition for more than one a cappella group?

YES and we encourage you to! Each group on campus is incredible and has their own vibe, so if you’re interested, check them out!

How do I choose who to audition for/which group to be in?

We will be holding another info session with ALL the a cappella groups on campus on August 31st (6-7:30 pm)! Additionally, between auditions and callbacks, we hold a callback social! This is a time for you to hang out and get to know us, so you can make sure Beauties is right for you!

Do you need musical experience to get in?

We get this question a lot, and the answer has and always will be – as long as you’re interested and passionate about singing, audition! Musical experience is helpful for reading the music, but if you want to audition – don’t let anything hold you back!! 

Do you hold auditions in the spring?

Unfortunately no. Since we are a competitive group, we only do fall auditions with the rest of IAC.

Do we have to pay anything to be a Beauty? 

Yes, we have semester dues that are typically around $20-$40 – these cover performance costs, t-shirts, etc. but we can always work things out as needed! Money should never and will never limit anyone from being a part of our group!

What should I sing for my auditions?

We usually recommend staying away from anything too musical theatre or choral as it makes it hard to see how you will blend with the rest of the group. Other than that, we want you to sing something that fits your range and vocal style. Since we require you to sing 2 songs we also recommend that they contrast in some way whether that be style, genre, or range.

How many members do you have?/How many are you looking for?

Because we’re a competitive group, we always have a max of 16 people – 3 soprano 1s, 4 soprano 2s, 4 alto 1s, 4 alto 2s, and 1 beatboxer. Currently, we have the space for 7 new members across all voice parts!

Are auditions a cappella or with a backing track?

A cappella, this helps us to better see how you will blend with the rest of the group.