Mina Lee

Mina graduated in spring 2019 with a B.S. in Computer Science as a Turing Scholar, and a B.A. in the Plan II Honors Program. She joined Beauties in 2015 as a freshman, spent four years in the group, and she is incredibly grateful that she did. She was one of the Event Coordinators her sophomore year, the Vice President her junior year, and she finished out her senior year as both the Vice President and Music Director in Beauties. She was also one of the arrangers for the group from 2016-2019.

Although Mina loved being able to make music with the group, her favorite part of Beauties was the amazing community and all the friendships she has made. She has learned so much from every single member of Beauties, and is thankful that she has such incredible women in her life. Although she is sad that her time in the group has come to an end, she is excited to see the group grow in the future. She cherishes all the memories she has made in Beauties, and knows that there are more to come through the friendships she’s made. As of August 2019, Mina is a Software Engineer at Google in New York City! We are so proud of her.